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Network and Server Installation and Management

Server Installation & Setup Service Providers

The network is a complicated combination of various devices servers, software, racks, switches, hubs, routers, antivirus, and firewalls. All these components are designed in a way to give your business the infrastructure and instant access to business data, online connectivity which is necessary for companies to keep moving forward and running smoothly.

Many businesses do not have large scale network infrastructure or simply do not have budgets to hire a separate network and server support team. At JOVI International, we specialize in providing networking & server setup solutions to all level of business houses.

JOVI International is Jaipur Based Network & Server Setup Installation service provider have a team of experts which can manage the installation & management of your enterprise server, networking, hardware, software, and complete setup process. When your network installation is completed, and everything is running smoothly, our team provides services to handle upgrades, troubleshoot issues, and identify bugs that are sure to occur after the installation.

Our Server & Network Install Services Include The Following:

  • Server room set up, including server racks, server installation, and connection
  • Wireless and wired installation and set up
  • Coordination of IT relocation and re-setup in the new location
  • Complete Network Architecture Design Services

Our Network Design Services Include The Following:

  • Current system redesign
  • Full infrastructure design for new networks
  • Assessment of required system load
  • Careful data flow mapping
  • Intelligent security measurement & Implementation
  • Disaster recovery planning and implementation

All the points mentioned above will be made while keeping an eye toward your future business plans and assessment for the potential network growth you will need some time in the future.

Our Network Upgrade Services Include The Following:

  • Network backbone upgrades,
  • Subnet analysis and expansion,
  • Security & Firewall Integration
  • ISP change management,
  • Server room enhancements or relocations,

Are you looking for professional network & server setup service providers? JOVI International would love to hear about your requirements.