google 6 Features Of Google Webmaster Tool

6 Features Of Google Webmaster Tool

Google Webmaster Tool is very important tool for a website. We can analyse that how our website is performing as per Google webmaster guidelines, what are the errors, suggestions and other parameters are coming up in the webmaster account. We can optimise our website according to Google guidelines by this toolset. So, These 6 Features Of Google Webmaster Tool will be helpful to you.

If we will manage & optimise our website according to this tool then website will free to all the errors and users can find easily our website. If you are looking for what work we can do by this tool then I am telling you about work of Google webmaster toolset which we can do easily by this free toolset of Google.
1.Add website URL: – We can add our website after login into this free tool and after add the website’s URL we will able to know the errors on our website and we can also verify our website after add the URL.

For Verification, There are various Options like by adding Meta tag in head section of website, through analytics account, from DNS and many More.

Add your website URL in webmaster
2.Robots.txt:- There are certain pages on our website which we do not want to crawl by search robots. So we can request search bots top exclude those pages from crawling and indexing.

This can be done by set the Robots.txt page. Once we did set it then search engines will not able to crawl the information which pages you did disallow by Robots.txt.

Impotence of robots txt file
3.Sitemap: – Sitemaps is very necessary for making Google understanding about your website homepage and inner pages, how your WebPages are interlinked? Google can crawl & Index your WebPages at a much faster speed easily by the sitemap submission. After sitemap submission in root directory of website, sitemap should be tested and submitted in webmaster and checked for errors. If there is any Error in sitemap, it should be removed and resubmitted in webmaster.

Importance of sitemap in webmaster
4.Sitelinks:- Google also generate the site links for our website. If anyone is searching our website on Google then after search, Google will show all the major links of our site on search results. We can also remove it if we not want it.

sitelink in webmaster
5.New URL: – If we are changing our domain URL then it is important to notify about our new domain at this tool. If we will not do this then our website’s traffic will be decrease.

New URL submission in google webmaster
6.Target Location: – If we want to target a particular geographical location for our website, then it should be setup in our webmaster tool. In other words, if we want the target to Indian People then we can set India in geographical target, though Google does suggest you the target location as your website TLD as well.

how to setup target location in webmaster
So I think if we want to reach our website at Google top results then it is compulsory to make our website user and search engine friendly by this tool. SEO is incomplete without Google webmaster tool. Google determine ranking website conditions by this tool. So keep these 6 Features Of Google Webmaster Tool when do you think about the rank of your website.

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