7 ways to build an ecommerce website

7 Ways to Build an Ecommerce Website that Customers Trust

7 ways to build an ecommerce website

One of the hardest challenges of online retail business is the question of trust. How can users tell if a site is secure to shop or not? Are the products really what they seem? Will they actually receive what they ordered?

Building trust online is definitely harder as compare to build a trust in your brick to mortar business as in person, but it’s not impossible. We’ll show you 7 ways to build an ecommerce website to start.

In a physical brick to mortars store, every little detail can affect a customer’s level of trust with your business. From the store location, to the hygiene, to the quality & behavior of the service staff, there are plenty of ways to help cultivate a sense of trust with face-to-face customers.

The same thing goes with online business. From the homepage to checkout process, there are plenty of things you can do in your online store to build trust and turn visitors into loyal shoppers So, read 7 ways to build an ecommerce website.

Look Professional

Show that you’re a “real” company with all the things a real company would have and people can trust you for your services and products, like, an easy way to contact the business (a fully developed contact page, not just a small email form) and customer service (a fully developed customer service section on your website, including a returns policy and a FAQs section which should cover all the possible questions).

The page does need to be big size extra lengthy page but it should be easy to navigate and present all the relevant information your customers might look for.  Need to remember one thing, the more complete your customer service FAQs, the more confident an online shopper will be buying one of your products.


All of your content should be crystal clear and open. When buyers see you’re willing to address the limitation of your products and services, they’ll welcome your honesty & transparency. If your product has limitations, use your detailed product content to share solutions for those Issues and concerns.

Request Reviews

Allowing your buyers contribute content to your site is a great way to connect them while also showing new customers that your products are widely recognized & loved by your users. Sharing honest & original reviews from consumers shows you have nothing to hide and this helps in building the trust.

Make it Personal

People don’t trust pages or websites blindly. First they trust people and then their associated brands & services. So it’s crucial that your website should have a human face through which people can attached with.  Use of about us page along with the message of the founder or president will serve the purpose.

Give Them Security

Security of personal information is very important to people who trade on the Internet, especially those who don’t really understand the technical side & its impact. Make sure that your website is fully protected by using an ultra secure server for your transactions, and that the customer knows and trusts in that.

Use quality photos & Description

Quality photography & detailed description about the product can make an immediate impact on how shoppers judge your products. The more information you provide, the more shoppers will trust the quality of your inventory.

Add security badges & icons

One of the biggest concerns for online shoppers is the security of their sensitive data. So how do you deal with this concern? By clearly mentioning all the security measures in place on your site, like SSL certificates, PCI compliance and other certifications. There are many trusted security companies who provides security certificates to online websites.

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