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Future of Search

The future of SEO is not only SEO, search engine optimization , as all traditional definitions describe it, is going to become obsolete. And the change has already begun. The focus of this blog targets “The future of SEO” which is gradually evolving more into social media and search marketing,  Professional seo services company.

In recent months, many have claimed that SEO is on the outs and that social media is going to be the sole way in which we find the information we’re looking for online in the future. There are significant benefits from combining search engine optimization, social media optimization and search engine marketing tactics ranging from an increased social network, trying to get more exposure online?

Want to connect and engage with fans and customers better? Boost or rebuild your online reputation? If you answered yes to any of these questions regarding your personal or business brand online, then creating social media profiles are an absolute must. Social interactions and media sharing amongst social network participants create the kind of content that can improve a brand’s visibility within search results through profiles, videos, blog posts, or other media.

So what does this have to do with your business? Let’s take a look at how social media, search marketing, content and SEO all work together to transform your online marketing strategy.


1.Social Shares Are the New Form of Link Building: – Link building has always been an important factor taken into consideration by search engines to determine whether other websites across the web deemed your website to be a quality source of information. Today, links are mainly achieved through developing original content that is in turn, shared across social media.

Links to your content on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, YouTube and other social networks help the search engines understand what websites are credible and should be ranked for what keyword phrases.

2.Speed Up How Quickly Content Gets Indexed: – The more links a page on your website has, the quicker the search engines index this content in the rankings. It can often speed up the process of indexation of the content in search engines.

3.Better Ranking for Social Connections and Followers: – The amount of quality connections, followers, and friends on social media that a user has is also a factor in how content will be ranked. It is all about the amount of quality connections, followers, and friends an account has that helps to determine whether they are a reputable source when they share content and not just an account with a lot of spam followers.

4.Boost Relevant Keywords from Shared Content & Your Profile: – Another factor to consider when thinking of improving your SEO is continuing to use your keywords in the content you’re posting across social media. By providing the content your audience is looking for in the search engines, you might able to attract some of the traffic around those keyword phrases.
By involving SEO insights into social media, content marketing and search marketing and vice versa in well-optimized way can attract new network participants via search thus results in more traffic be it SEO, SMO or SEM our main goal is to attract traffic via various aspect of online marketing. In the end, there is no need to oppose search engine optimization and social media optimization  or to choose one or the other, since they share the same objectives.

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