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Reduce Traffic Leak by Increasing Page Load Speed

With Regular updates from Google regarding the page speed and its impact on search results, worried web entrepreneurs & SEO Companies continually study different methods to reduce their site, but sadly, many haven’t discovered just how to increase the page load speed and ultimately brings down the bounce rate.

First, let’s examine the significance of bounce rate.

Google identifies it –

The portion of visitors after seeing just one page of a website left the site without interacting with any other web page or website content.

Google also says that “A bounce rate that is growing is an indication that it is certain that the home page is off-putting or irritating to the visitors.”

Going by these excellent explanations from Google, you understand that you just need to get serious about your site speed as soon as you discover that the web site’s bounce rate reaches on higher side or reaching towards 80%.

What meaning is that people aren’t finding fascinating, helpful to study, or informative about the content which you discuss plus they will not be prepared to take any action on the content.

Look at the Major reasons why you need to increasing page load speed and why bounce rates get so high?

Slow Page Load Time – Individuals abandon your website instantly when your page does not load up completely (in 4 seconds or less). You will find lots of additional sites that are of good use that compose comparable content as you, and you are going to shed your visitors if they’ve sites that are quicker in loading and have good navigation speed. Make sure you put money into a great, reputable and velocity-focused web hosting company unless you want your audience to be transferred by the competition. So page load speed should be in control.

 Too Many Invasive Ads – Some folks are here to make money on the internet, but focusing too heavily on such things, divert your potential traffic. Visitors are sure to get irritated by a lot of advertisements on your website.

Irritating Put-ups – I don’t understand about you. However, I despise pop-up. I particularly dislike those popup which is not related to the content, and I hate them to consume my time which I wanted to spend in reading the content. When Ever I see pop ups, I instantly hit the X button. If you need to enable popup, ensure they have been relevant and helpful.

Unhelpful And Horrible Articles – Unfortunately enough, many online entrepreneurs neglect massively in the company of composing quality-stuffed and content that is suitable for their readers.

The things they do are simply regurgitate the articles already contributed on different sites, as well as in the act of enhancing these items; they scrap the elements that were most readily useful and provide their customer’s half baked stuff.

You must be wondering that how you can avoid the points mentioned above, So stay tuned with Us as I am working on my next article which will give you a tip on reducing the bounce rate of any website.

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