Best Ecommerce Platforms for Startups in the Upcoming Year


The year is going to close down and the upcoming year is about to start with new technology trends. Everyone has a particular plan for their business with lots of the latest technical strategies. No matter what kind of business they have, a startup or a full-fledged business, everyone has eyes on each aspect of new technology trends. For the years in the past, the ecommerce website development services for businesses have been one the most influencing trendas around the globe. The huge investment done by the most brands reached this marketplace on the upper level. Now in the current time, there are many ecommerce platforms that have changed the face of online shopping. Consequently, we are here to explain about few top ecommerce platforms that play a vital role for startups-


Magento is one of the best ecommerce platforms, comes with the most powerful tools and themes to transform your small business into a large business. Using Magento for online business, vendors are able to implement a huge level of features to improve the growth along with what they need. Moreover, it has some special features like cloud commerce, several payment platforms, and authentic security features to enhance the functionality of ecommerce startups.


A highly used platform by the big businesses! Shopify is measured as a versatile ecommerce platform for small, medium and large business. This platform includes lots of important features and tools such as Amazon listing, eBay listing, Facebook buisenss features, and POS solutions. Besides, you can get additional add-ons for your third-party websites or apps on-purchase for your ecommerce development development .


BigCommerce has been outstanding software as a singular ecommerce platform and since it has been used by around 55k online stores. It provides such types of tools and features for Facebook store integration. Besides, it is the most flexible software that can be used as a SaaS solution. So, an online retailer can provide a better user experience with BigCommerce.


WooCommerce is mostly considered for creating small businesses or startups. The ecommerce platform adds highly customizable tools and open source plugins. The powerful feature of this platform is the community of experienced developers in order to give support in any case of complexity.


X-Cart has more than 38k online stores in 111 countries. By this means, it shows the importance of this platform in the ecommerce industry. Since 2001, X-Cart has reached on the climax where you can choose the powerful design of templates for your startups. Apart from all this, there are many things in WooCommerce for that you don’t have to pay a large amount of money. In Addition, you will be able to use lots of tools with the free licensing fee.

Wrapping Up

The aforementioned ecommerce platforms offer all size solutions for building customizable online stores. Each platform integrates specific services as per customer requirements. What's more, several platforms exist in the industry that is boosting small to large enterprise businesses.

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