Listen to the Upcoming Voice Search Trend of Ecommerce
Listen to the Upcoming Voice Search Trend of Ecommerce

"Hello, can you listen to me?" and the smart voice assistant replies, Yes, I can. The technology has surrounded us completely, the human interactions have been taken over by the machines, and the text searches have been changing to voice searches. Yes, as per the market research firm, comScore, a voice will comprise 50% of all searches by 2020. The 500 million people who are using voice-activated assistants today are expected to grow to 1.8 billion by 2021 and the people who have started making search queries through a voice assistant currently count for 40% of millennial. Choose the Best Ecommerce Web Development Company.

Now doesn't that show that the voice search and digital assistants are the future of ours? They not only easing out our home chores but also revolutionizing the way we search about anything or place our order online. The voice search is indeed convenient and different from text search. You just need to speak your search query to the digital assistants and they will come up with an answer. But this convenient job requires a lot of effort in terms of up gradation and adaption by ecommerce businesses.

Get deep into your customers

Voice-activated assistants have completely transformed the shopping experience. People order for any XYZ thing and compare its prices without looking at the screen. Now this means that brands not only need to position their products in a simpler way but also need to know in deep about the customer’s buying habits, preferences or cycles. Such information helps in serving the customer in a better way. For example, based on user’s previous buy, a quick product recommendation can pop up.

Leverage natural language search queries

While typing, most of us likely to search by typing short phrases such as best restaurant nearby while if we speak the same query, we will say” what are the best restaurants nearby?” So, as consumer tend to be more expressive while using voice search, the online brands need to optimize their website with long-tail keywords which customers naturally use to describe the products. These keywords are more of conversational tone and are approximate of 6-7 words per query.

Continue on best SEO practices

While there is a lot an ecommerce site has to do to accommodate to voice searches but then this point should not be let go at any time. The SEO rich content will always be of prime importance. So, the content on the websites should be up to the mark, the links should be relevant, and the images should be well-labeled. This will for sure call for success no matter what type of search the user is performing.

Concentrate on local search

Research has shown that voice search is three times more likely to be local in nature as compared to text search. People using voice search often ask for queries that are based around local need. For example, the closet fuel station, or departmental store. Now, this is a huge opportunity which can be tapped by keeping your local listing and business listing up to date. Make sure that the information on these listings is 100% correct.

Try voice search yourself

So now that you know that adoption of voice technology is inevitable in Ecommerce Web development, we will suggest that to best understand this voice search framework, you should try it on your own. Figure out the way in which you make voice searches, what type of queries you generally ask and how does the voice assistant respond? While doing this, you may come up with an insight for your business. Voice search is continually growing now and understanding and optimizing your websites for it is the only immediate mantra for success.

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